Meaning of three-pronged in English:



  • 1Having three projecting, pointed parts.

    ‘a three-pronged hook’
    • ‘It's enormous, with gilt metal chandeliers, wall candelabra, a ceiling painted with clouds and cherubs and a golden statue of some old man with a three-pronged fork - Neptune, I suppose.’
    • ‘After being arrested, the 16-year-old teenager was later found to have superficial injuries, consistent with being in contact with a three-pronged instrument.’
    • ‘She is an assassin who wields three-pronged daggers and has obsessive-compulsive disorder.’
    • ‘A teenage boy was fighting for his life in hospital yesterday, after a three-pronged harpoon was shot into his eye during a late night row.’
    • ‘The six-foot, six-inch fiberglass rod is armed with a three-pronged stainless steel ‘paralyzer’ tip, and a comfy rubber grip midway down the handle helps provide an accurate slingshot.’
    • ‘I've three bolts on the door and I keep a three-pronged fork in the sitting-room for protection, just in case.’
    • ‘I've not forgotten the night she first received her three-pronged cane.’
    • ‘After climbing a few pitches, I found the three-pronged toe to be particularly effective on thin ice.’
    1. 1.1(especially of an attack or operation) having three separate parts.
      ‘a three-pronged attack from the north’
      • ‘a three-pronged assault on the ailing economy’
      • ‘The unit is part of a three-pronged attack at increasing convictions in North Yorkshire and York which includes police and prosecutors working from the same file for each case instead of having separate files.’
      • ‘The creation of the new homes was a part of a three-pronged attack to address the issue of more and more children being taken in to care.’
      • ‘But the three-pronged attack failed, though in the main action known as the battle of Bloody Ridge, fought against a Raider battalion, some Japanese came within 900m.’
      • ‘This three-pronged attack of efficient search algorithms, opening libraries and endgame databases has already been applied extremely successfully to draughts.’
      • ‘Hours later, hundreds of tribal fighters in small groups launched a three-pronged attack and climbed narrow mountain trails under the cover of tank fire.’
      • ‘He planned to use his three divisions for a three-pronged attack.’
      • ‘William planned a three-pronged attack on Alva using Louis of Nassau and the French Huguenots.’
      • ‘As for baits, you should opt for a three-pronged attack, never knowing what may be required.’
      • ‘Perfection is what I'm after and, to accomplish that, I'm using a three-pronged attack.’
      • ‘They would advance in a three-pronged attack, highly visible from the walls of the castle.’
      • ‘The task force would have a three-pronged plan of attack.’
      • ‘A three-pronged inquiry is now taking place to determine whether it has been started deliberately or accidentally.’
      • ‘The three-pronged aim is to be Europe's leading exchange, to be a shaper of the globalisation of capital markets and to create value for shareholders.’
      • ‘The fund takes a three-pronged approach to stock selection.’
      • ‘The new unit is part of a three-pronged approach aimed at disrupting local drugs markets and tackling drug related crime.’
      • ‘Taking the initiative entails a three-pronged course of action.’
      • ‘And tomorrow's bill is understood to include a three-pronged approach to guaranteeing rights culminating in a proposed tribunal system.’
      • ‘They made a three-pronged approach into the city.’
      • ‘He suggested a three-pronged strategy to contain corruption: simplification of rules, transparency and an effective punishment mechanism.’
      • ‘This must be a three-pronged strategy; not simply an ambassadorial role.’