Meaning of three-quarter in English:


Pronunciation /ˌθriːˈkwɔːtə/

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  • 1Consisting of three quarters of something in terms of size, length, time, etc.

    ‘a three-quarter length cashmere coat’
    • ‘The first is around 11-years-old, 5 foot 3 inches tall with long dark hair, who was wearing a three-quarter length beige coat and a white top and black trousers.’
    • ‘He says it could add extra ounces to his already heavy weight, which the star keeps camouflaged at home under tracksuits and three-quarter length coats.’
    • ‘He was wearing a three-quarter length over-sized black coat, woolly black hat and scarf, which covered almost all of his face.’
    • ‘He used to live in a long three-quarter length coat.’
    • ‘And all of her coats had three-quarter length sleeves, to show off the endless pairs of gloves she owned.’
    • ‘The pensioners wear a distinctive three-quarter length uniform coat, navy blue in winter and scarlet in the summer, which dates from the 18th century.’
    • ‘She is wearing a smart three-quarter length coat and one of her smooth sweaters.’
    • ‘He was wearing a three-quarter length dark jacket.’
    • ‘He has short, dark hair which is semi-shaven and was wearing a three-quarter length olive green army style jacket.’
    • ‘He was wearing a blue baseball cap and a blue three-quarter length jacket.’
    • ‘She was with a woman in three-quarter length jeans who was barefoot and carrying her white shoes in her hands.’
    • ‘He is thought to have been wearing three-quarter length trousers and glasses.’
    • ‘He wore a grey woolly hat, a three-quarter length dark jacket and dark trousers.’
    • ‘He was wearing a white shirt with a collar, dark trousers and a three-quarter length jacket.’
    • ‘There had been something about the day that made her feel like looking nice, so she wore her jean skirt, high black boots, and a cute vintage shirt with three-quarter length sleeves.’
    • ‘The shirt she had chosen was three-quarter length, so it covered the bruise on her upper arm.’
    • ‘In the end I told her to wear a pair of three-quarter length jeans which were folded up at the bottom.’
    • ‘Over the tunic he wore a scapula, a long tunic with wide, three-quarter length sleeves, usually of a darker undyed wool.’
    • ‘They are now three-quarter length, but originally were full-length.’
    • ‘Tonight I was adding some dirty dishes to the ever increasing pile on the sink - I have no dishwasher - and looked out the window and saw the three-quarter full moon.’
    1. 1.1(of a view or depiction of a person's face) at an angle between full face and profile.
      ‘he couldn't draw people in three-quarter view’
      • ‘Students also may imagine how it would look from different angles from the three-quarter view seen here that includes two sides of each box, but with more of one side visible than the other.’
      • ‘In the life-size portrait, Correggio painted a young woman in three-quarter view, seated beneath trees of laurel and ivy, which form a kind of niche around her head.’
      • ‘Two of the more expressive and powerfully structured compositions show the artist in three-quarter view, dramatically lit.’
      • ‘He attributes the low evaluation to the fact that the sculpture is most often seen only in photographic reproduction, especially via a single image that shows it in a limiting three-quarter view.’
      • ‘He portrayed the one-eyed Antigonus (King of Macedonia 306-301 BC) in three-quarter view to hide the defect.’
      • ‘By contrast, the heads of the other five Romans appear animated and in three-quarter view, without any obvious reference to the conventions of sculpture or numismatic portraits.’
      • ‘It shows a beautiful young black woman with a large mass of curly and braided hair, her head turned in three-quarter view toward us.’
      • ‘The icon depicts a tall, thin, winged and haloed St John the Baptist in the desert, full-length and in three-quarter view to the left.’
      • ‘However, the replacement of frontal with three-quarter views of the figures points to new Western influences.’
      • ‘It was a low angle, three-quarter front view of the airplane and I was fascinated with the lines of the plane.’
      • ‘The female figure stands to the left of the frame, her brightly illuminated front turned in three-quarter view toward the picture plane.’
      • ‘In both the present experiment and the earlier study, participants spent more time studying the front and side views than they did the intermediate or three-quarter views.’
      • ‘The camera caught a good shot of his face, more than a three-quarter view.’
      • ‘Faces are never shown straight on - all are three-quarter views that emphasize the shape of the nose.’
      • ‘Shown in three-quarter profile, the woman wears such accessories as white gloves as well as magnificent gold beads, hair ornaments and bracelets of a technique associated with the smiths of West Africa.’
      • ‘The film opens with a single wide-screen shot of a woman's face in three-quarter profile against an empty sky, strands of dark hair ruffled by the breeze.’
      • ‘Each depicts Adam and Eve full length in three-quarter views, turned to the center and engaged in their gender-specific labors.’
      • ‘Bright light illuminates them from the left at a three-quarter angle.’
      • ‘I have my students do several sketches of themselves, often taping two mirrors together so they could get a more interesting three-quarter angle.’
      • ‘As viewers continue to progress through the albums, they finds subject posed increasingly in three-quarter turn, rather than in right-angle profile.’


  • 1Rugby
    Each of four players in a team positioned across the field behind the half backs.

    ‘he was playing three-quarter for Blackheath’
    • ‘From a ruck in the middle of the field the ball was flashed across the three-quarters.’
    • ‘York weathered the onslaught and their stylised and pacey three-quarters in turn began to threaten.’
    • ‘The pack began to dominate in set pieces, and supply their nimble three-quarters with ample, quality ball.’
    • ‘But it is in the three-quarters where most of the problems have been this season and were evident again yesterday.’
    • ‘Similarly, handling errors in their three-quarters allowed Streatham breathing space when in defence.’
  • 2A point in time forty-five minutes after any full hour of the clock.

    • ‘the cathedral clock was chiming the three-quarter’


  • To a size or extent of three quarters.

    • ‘three-quarter-grown rabbits’