Meaning of three-sided in English:



  • Having three sides or aspects.

    ‘a three-sided sculpture’
    • ‘a three-sided billboard’
    • ‘Cultural patrimony was the focus of a complex, three-sided debate.’
    • ‘The stage is set for an exciting resolution of a three-sided power struggle.’
    • ‘A simple three-sided, roofed structure offers adequate protection in these conditions.’
    • ‘At the northern end of the bench, three upright stones form a three-sided bin or hearth, around which was found a considerable amount of what appears to be iron slag.’
    • ‘A good analogy is a three-sided pyramid.’
    • ‘Its interior is outstanding, having a three-sided gallery and a very ornate rococo plasterwork ceiling.’
    • ‘Three-sided work surfaces are equipped with flat-screen computers to conserve space.’
    • ‘The family spent much of the year sleeping with the livestock in temporary three-sided shelters woven of bamboo.’
    • ‘Using one-way mirrors, Dan Graham created a three-sided sculpture that reflected the circles and bending space of the building.’
    • ‘Get close and you'll see that the top tube is three-sided in cross section.’