Meaning of three cheers in English:

three cheers


  • Three successive hurrahs shouted to express appreciation or congratulation.

    ‘ three cheers for the winners!’
    • ‘It was a congratulations to him and a three cheers.’
    • ‘He and the other two waved the rest off and said three cheers to them.’
    • ‘The Commerce students of Fatima College topped the competitive list with high scores, receiving three cheers from the spectators.’
    • ‘There was levity, including lots of cheers and high spirits, a conga line and even three cheers for the Queen's 50th jubilee.’
    • ‘Join with me now, and give three cheers for the life of a great Tasmanian.’
    • ‘One passenger led the rest in three cheers for Concorde.’
    • ‘If the relocation of 110 civil service jobs from London to York is not worth three cheers, it certainly merits a hearty two.’
    • ‘Respecting Copyright is a good thing, and three cheers for a website that makes it easier to do that.’
    • ‘She was treated to a chorus of ‘happy birthday’ and three cheers from the assembled guests.’
    • ‘When they tried to raise three cheers for the couple during the walkabout, they could only muster two.’