Meaning of threshing machine in English:

threshing machine

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  • A power-driven machine for separating the grain from corn or other crops.

    ‘Thus twenty years after Jefferson built his first threshing machine, Albemarle County farmers had eagerly accepted such machines and were working to simplify as well as improve them.’
    • ‘During that period, he reached the conclusion that he needed to increase his production of wheat as a cash crop, increasing the potential value a threshing machine could bring him.’
    • ‘From the age of six, when he began elementary school, he began constructing steam engines, threshing machines and even a glider, in the converted attic.’
    • ‘Fields will be busy with horse-drawn sheaf racks and a threshing machine powered by the museum's steam tractors.’
    • ‘Besides the usual work, he made wheels and plows, repaired threshing machines, and, in 1807, his fence-building skills were considered equal to those of John Perry.’
    • ‘Paterson traveled to the north of England and to Scotland where he found that threshing machines operating with a drum speed higher than his machine produced cleaner grain at a higher rate.’
    • ‘Agriculture remained woefully primitive, with equipment such as horse-drawn sowing machines, harvesters, mowers, and threshing machines extremely rare.’
    • ‘At the time Thomas Pinckney began looking for a threshing machine of the Scottish model in southern England, such machines were scarce there.’
    • ‘Most of the responding farmers had used their threshing machine, which had cost them about £50, for two years, and all were enthusiastic about its benefits.’
    • ‘The swish and the hum of a threshing machine, at its ancient work separating oats from straw, reverberated around the quiet rural landscape of Cloghans, near Ballina, last week.’
    • ‘The barn had a high central alley, tall enough for a threshing machine or a hay wagon.’
    • ‘It is fascinating to stand and watch the threshing machine and binder, the stone crusher and the mechanical saw working away.’
    • ‘Jefferson was thus able to thresh the wheat from one field, then have the threshing machine follow the harvesters to the granary in the next field.’
    • ‘The towers were built using scrap metal from threshing machines and ploughs.’
    • ‘Utility patents are generally given for new or improved processes such as forging or for particular items or equipment such as a threshing machine.’
    • ‘It will probably be the first time the old engine has been linked up to a threshing machine because it was built to be shipped to Australia.’
    • ‘William Booker of nearby Goochland County was constructing threshing machines of his own design for a number of Virginia farmers.’
    • ‘Skillfully and carefully, the owner maneuvered it into position between the stacks of oats, unhitched the tractor and turned it around to the face of the threshing machine.’
    • ‘A far cry from the days of potatoes and oats on every farm and, later on, was the sound of the threshing machine.’
    • ‘In two places, threshing machines had been set on rises along the highway - lest we forget where we came from.’