Meaning of thriftily in English:


Pronunciation /ˈθrɪftɪli/


See thrifty

‘And they wind up in the ER with complications from untreated chronic problems, requiring care that is considerably more expensive than the ongoing management they thriftily refused.’
  • ‘Kipling, like many others, blamed the Government of India for trying to conduct the occupation of Mesopotamia too thriftily.’
  • ‘Is there not more scope for dishes like fishcakes and seafood stews where fish is thriftily combined with cheap decent ingredients?’
  • ‘Much of the evening has an angular beauty about it, whether it is Thomas Leipzig's design - which looks very much as if it has been thriftily recycled from a previous Barker show - or the actors' performances, which needle nicely.’
  • ‘The heads, tails and ‘cleanings’ were thriftily dug into the garden, just as those who had lived around the bay in the past had known how to give their crops a good meal of fish to ensure that they had a fine start.’
  • ‘With former spendthrifts spending thriftily, getting your stockings stuffed with unnecessary calories and self-loathing is pretty much left to you.’
  • ‘Cajuns thriftily made use of a variety of animals in their cuisine.’
  • ‘If we learn to live thriftily and remember the importance of helping our neighbours then we can find ways to adjust.’