Meaning of thrifty in English:


Pronunciation /ˈθrɪfti/

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adjectiveadjective thriftier, adjective thriftiest

  • 1Using money and other resources carefully and not wastefully.

    ‘he had been brought up to be thrifty and careful’
    • ‘I'm cheap (or rather thrifty and money smart), but a lot of cultures don't tip.’
    • ‘Living on imported food was not a thrifty way to spend money.’
    • ‘Being thrifty with his money is not something the Bond star is renowned for.’
    • ‘Despite meagre wages she had been thrifty and had saved money towards going to Chiang Mai University, gaining her teaching degree in 1976.’
    • ‘The cash-strapped collegian or the thrifty housewife would certainly understand this logic.’
    • ‘Needle skills were admired in ladies of leisure - matrons of means, nuns, and thrifty housewives - but not in women who had to support themselves.’
    • ‘She is very resourceful and thrifty, but her face is always expressionless, except for an occasional look of fear.’
    • ‘O-lan is plain looking, dull, and slow, but she is hard working, thrifty, and resourceful.’
    • ‘He saw the saga of another thrifty and resourceful people who had thrown off the imperial yoke - of Spain, in this case - in the name of liberty.’
    • ‘The result also reveals that kids from more well-off families tend to spend their money lavishly while those whose parents are unemployed are more thrifty.’
    • ‘If people tend to be thrifty and to save their money, there is no guarantee that the money saved will be invested to further the economic prosperity of the country.’
    • ‘She named an amount of money for this service which my thrifty husband felt was ridiculous.’
    • ‘The housewife of Jaffna, being thrifty, makes minimum use of ingredients to turn out simple, wholesome fare.’
    • ‘People who save see others as wasteful while people who spend see others as thrifty.’
    • ‘More expensive water will provide an incentive to be more thrifty in how it is used.’
    • ‘The movement started in 2002 in Spain, where thrifty followers staged choreographed shopping-mall stunts like looting clothes from one store and returning them to another or wearing them back for flash fashion shows.’
    • ‘So even thrifty patients are joining the ranks of the one-fifth of Americans who currently cannot afford what their doctors prescribe and are forced to skip doses, or entire prescriptions, in order to make ends meet.’
    • ‘‘Through the years we were very thrifty and spent and invested wisely,’ she says.’
    • ‘The Scout Law declares a Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.’
    careful with money, provident, prudent, canny, economical, frugal, energy-efficient, energy-saving, fuel-efficient, fuel-saving, sparing, scrimping, abstemious, parsimonious, penny-pinching, miserly
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  • 2 archaic, dialect (of livestock or plants) strong and healthy.

    ‘the sheep are vigorous and thrifty’
    • ‘The primary goals of most forest management plans are to grow healthy, thrifty trees and also to remove the defective, diseased trees - replacing them with healthy vigorous ones.’
    1. 2.1 archaic Prosperous.