Meaning of thrill-seeking in English:



  • Keen to take part in exciting activities that involve physical risk.

    ‘thrill-seeking first years took part in abseiling’
    • ‘As they grow up, they become more sensible and less thrill-seeking.’
    • ‘As a youth he and his thrill-seeking friends stole pears they did not want to eat from a neighbor's tree.’
    • ‘After being closed, the hospital quickly became a draw for thrill-seeking ghost hunters who believed the grounds to be filled with troubled spirits.’
    • ‘Her thrill-seeking lifestyle led her to Barcelona.’
    • ‘The original film allowed thrill-seeking moviegoers a "one-of-a-kind" ride.’
    • ‘The hardcore rebel enjoys filming his thrill-seeking stunts.’
    • ‘This bungee jump is perfect for thrill-seeking tourists and locals.’
    • ‘Thrill-seeking youngsters are dicing with death on a lethal stretch of road.’
    • ‘His enjoyment of thrill-seeking activities such as bungee jumping, riding fast motorbikes and parachuting are also seen by some to be inappropriate behaviour.’
    • ‘I would never be one of those thrill-seeking people who jump out of planes or get tattoos of their significant other's name.’


mass noun
  • Enthusiastic participation in exciting activities that involve physical risk.

    ‘such thrill-seeking comes at a price’
    • ‘For those intent on thrill-seeking, snow-blading is another emerging snow sport.’
    • ‘I am not the least bit interested in thrill-seeking.’
    • ‘Here was an explosive mixture of irresponsible talk and adolescent thrill-seeking.’
    • ‘The restless thrill-seeking and damaged relationships he depicts in his films have been widespread in his real-life circles.’
    • ‘You see how his father's thrill-seeking got him in trouble but also prepared him to get out.’
    • ‘I used to climb glaciers and jump out of planes and jump off bridges and go white water rafting—a bit of thrill-seeking.’
    • ‘For many travellers taking a holiday isn't complete without an element of thrill-seeking.’
    • ‘A majority of hackers are simply motivated by thrill-seeking.’
    • ‘My daughter was raised around motorbikes and thrill-seeking.’
    • ‘He was no stranger to riding motorcycles and thrill-seeking.’