Meaning of thrillingly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈθrɪlɪŋli/


See thrilling

‘As Ray makes clear, thrillingly at times, the subject's working life gives the biopic something to show, at any rate, but not necessarily a way to bring out character explicitly, in dialogue.’
  • ‘Unusually perhaps for such an adhesive read, this is not exactly a thriller, rather a thrillingly evocative recreation of a few months in 1940, when the skies seemed dark and weighty with the country's future.’
  • ‘But something really should be done so that Europeans don't have to wait for another bout of buffoonery to put the EU's only directly elected institution briefly and thrillingly on the front pages.’
  • ‘She maintains that, unlike her church-going parents, the majority of today's teens do not view sex as a moral issue, and therefore don't see premarital sex as thrillingly bad.’
  • ‘His career, traced in the film until 1966, blazed a trail; thrillingly, he located his rhythms in gospel music, hitherto restricted to churches.’