Meaning of thrombose in English:



  • Affect with or be affected by thrombosis.

    with object ‘the superior mesenteric artery was thrombosed’
    • ‘the adjacent capillaries may thrombose’
    • ‘the appearance of the thrombosed vein’
    • ‘Note the yellowish-white pus distributed along the pial vessels and the congested and/or thrombosed pial veins emanating from the superior sagittal sinus.’
    • ‘The landmark method fails, irrespective of anatomy, if the vein has thrombosed.’
    • ‘At the time of the second infusion, two other ipsilateral antecubital veins had thrombosed.’
    • ‘When inflamed they become red and tender, and if they become thrombosed they can cause severe pain and be felt as a tender mass in the anal area.’
    • ‘Anal tags are generally asymptomatic and often are the remnants of previously thrombosed external hemorrhoids.’



/ˈθrɒmbəʊz/ /θrɒmˈbəʊz/


Late 19th century back-formation from thrombosis.