Meaning of thromboxane in English:


Pronunciation /θrɒmˈbɒkseɪn/


mass nounBiochemistry
  • A hormone of the prostacyclin type released from blood platelets, which induces platelet aggregation and arterial constriction.

    ‘As a platelet is activated it can release ADP and thromboxane, both potent autocatalytic molecules.’
    • ‘Aspirin suppresses prostaglandin (which inhibits platelet activation and dilates blood vessels) and thromboxane (which encourages platelet activation and constricts vessels).’
    • ‘The sulfide metabolite of sulfinpyrazone affects platelet aggregation by inhibiting thromboxane production.’
    • ‘Prostacyclin stops blood clotting while thromboxane, as the name suggests, induces thrombus formation.’
    • ‘Cocaine enhances platelet aggregation as a result of increased levels of platelet agonists thromboxane [A.sub.2] and adrenaline.’