Meaning of throw in in English:

throw in

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phrasal verb

  • 1throw something in, throw in somethingInclude something free with a purchase.

    ‘they cut the price by £100 and threw in the add-on TV adaptor’
    • ‘They threw it in for free because it's President's Day weekend and I was so chuffed that I clapped my hands in glee.’
    • ‘You hire a room to yourselves (kids are thrown in for free), containing a small steam chamber and a big white bath.’
    • ‘Wareing, being a generous chap, threw the food in for free.’
    • ‘But I hear there was a deal in Trevor Square, Knightsbridge, on a new-build penthouse where the car parking was thrown in free?’
  • 2throw something in, throw in somethingMake a remark casually as an interjection in a conversation.

    ‘he threw in a sensible remark about funding’
    • ‘Woven throughout his columns are certain recurring references to objects of American popular culture that are both obscure and perfectly on point when he throws them in.’
  • 3throw something in, throw in somethingSoccer Rugby
    Return the ball to play by means of a throw-in.

    ‘I know our line-out isn't functioning as well as we would like and it probably cost us the game in Dublin yesterday, but you can't point the finger at the guy throwing the ball in all the time.’
    • ‘We have been trying to develop our play in this important phase of the game, not just throwing the ball in but looking for spaces that we can exploit.’
    • ‘They'd give you plenty from the sideline - you could hear it in your ear as you were trying to throw the ball in at the line-out.’
    • ‘Before the ball was thrown in at all the Tyrone centre the two attempted to settle their differences.’
    • ‘Our team continued to throw the ball in and feed me.’