Meaning of throw one's weight behind in English:

throw one's weight behind


  • Use one's influence to help support.

    • ‘the council is to throw its weight behind a campaign to save one of the borough's best-loved beauty spots’
    • ‘Foreign Affairs Minister Brian Cowen also threw his weight behind the Treaty.’
    • ‘He threw his weight behind three candidates in last year's City Council elections.’
    • ‘Gilbert is the latest business figure to throw his weight behind Scotland's bid to host the 2008 European football championships.’
    • ‘The campaign has the full support of the health industry, with many respected consultants throwing their weight behind the scheme.’
    • ‘The President told us that we had their confidence and that they supported what we did and threw their weight behind us.’
    • ‘The establishment decided in her favour and threw their weight behind her claim to the throne and maintaining the status quo.’
    • ‘Influential church leaders threw their weight behind the strike.’
    • ‘At Tuesday night's council meeting, she surprised some by throwing her weight behind the project.’