Meaning of throw someone a bone in English:

throw someone a bone


  • Do something to appease someone, typically by making a minor concession or helping them in a small way.

    • ‘the finance minister also threw first-time buyers a bone’
    • ‘And I believe that his policies sometimes reflect a political need to throw a bone to that constituency to keep them happy.’
    • ‘I would like to point out, if you read the next paragraph in the judge's finding, he seemed to throw a bone to each side.’
    • ‘What you see here is a case where the campaign felt they could throw a bone to the conservatives.’
    • ‘Why not target middle incomes and throw a bone to low incomes with an occasional promotion?’
    • ‘I bet this was already obsolete in design and technology some years back, and they wanted to throw a bone to the public.’
    • ‘So I still think it's worthwhile to throw a bone to the staid investment class.’
    • ‘The new regime has thrown him a bone of sorts: convenorship of the health committee.’
    • ‘The company has decided to throw viewers a few bones by tacking on a couple of extra features to this disc.’
    • ‘Finally, Lady Luck threw him a bone.’
    • ‘Sometimes it's nice when life throws you a bone.’