Meaning of throw someone out in English:

throw someone out

phrasal verb

  • 1Expel someone unceremoniously from a place, organization, or activity.

    ‘his wife had thrown him out’
    ‘Keane had been thrown out of the game by the umpire’
    • ‘But his dreams were shattered when the organisers threw him out unceremoniously.’
    • ‘She threw the rule book out the window when he threw Beverley out of the organisation.’
    • ‘If my colleagues knew I was here, I would be thrown out of our organisation, just like that!’
    • ‘These days he would be thrown out of the force for saying that, if not arrested and flogged.’
    • ‘He said, ‘Dave, throw him out of the Air Force.’’
    • ‘There was no talk of throwing him out of the Fianna Fáil organisation.’
    • ‘The court case was brought after he was thrown out of the tour for suspected doping.’
    • ‘This past fortnight the government has shown independent-spirited MPs once more that it will ridicule you, bully you, throw you out of Parliament - do whatever is necessary to force you to toe the line.’
    • ‘A young woman was thrown out of the beauty pageant after the organizers discovered she had had cosmetic surgery.’
    • ‘While they brought scandalous scores on Saturday, he was thrown out of the tournament after reporting late.’
    expel, eject, evict, drive out, force out, oust, remove
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  • 2Confuse or distract someone from the matter in hand.

    ‘do keep quiet or you'll throw me out in my calculations’
  • 3Cricket Baseball
    Put out an opponent by throwing the ball to the wicket or a base.

    • ‘Bill culled for the ball, and we threw Brock out at the plate.’
    • ‘Williams then hit a one-hop ground ball off my shin and it bounced towards third base, but I threw him out and the game was over.’
    • ‘The man Ruth had walked, Morgan, tried to steal second and Thomas threw him out.’
    • ‘Yes, he did steal 51 bases, but this has to be taken with a grain of salt considering the 36 times he was thrown out.’
    • ‘It often has been noted that Ruth was thrown out trying to steal second in the final play of the 1926 World Series lost by the Yankees to the St. Louis Cardinals in seven games.’