Meaning of throw someone to the dogs in English:

throw someone to the dogs


  • Discard someone as worthless.

    ‘young people look upon the older person as someone to be thrown to the dogs’
    • ‘Then the punters, who have encouraged every vice or flaw, hold up their hands in mock outrage and throw them to the dogs.’
    • ‘I'm willing to throw him to the dogs for leaking about our listening in on the terrorist's satellite phones.’
    • ‘The clear inference was that the Island authorities got wind of the investigation and decided to throw him to the dogs.’
    • ‘If the film is a hit, it's okay, but if it is not, they are thrown to the dogs.’
    • ‘I could tell that Jeremiah was planning on throwing me to the dogs.’
    • ‘They are already trying to protect Hannah with denials he could possibly have been involved, presumably meaning that they would be willing to throw Libby to the dogs.’
    • ‘Just as Joanna is ready to throw him to the dogs, she meets another equally sceptical figure in the shape of Bobbie.’
    • ‘If he plans for us to do anything more… I'll help you throw him to the dogs.’
    • ‘You threw me to the dogs and now I'm running from the pack.’
    • ‘She devoted her life to you and you threw her to the dogs!’