Meaning of throw someone to the wolves in English:

throw someone to the wolves


  • Leave someone to be roughly treated or criticized without trying to help or defend them.

    ‘power brokers are biding their time before throwing him to the wolves’
    • ‘Meanwhile, outraged victims attack innocent priests for attempting to defend themselves against their bishop's eagerness to throw them to the wolves in order to save their own sorry butts.’
    • ‘Basically, throwing Rummy to the wolves may slow the haemorrhage, but it may not stop it.’
    • ‘So my theory is that someone higher than Sanchez is throwing him to the wolves.’
    • ‘For it, I was later accused of purposely throwing her to the wolves.’
    • ‘Friends of a York woman who died after falling from a window have lashed out at the mental health support system, claiming it ‘threw her to the wolves’.’
    • ‘Quickmatches allow you to set the parameters of your battles, including the number of bots, type of game, and other variants before throwing you to the wolves.’
    • ‘I love Mother and everything, but what was she thinking, throwing you to the wolves like this?’
    • ‘I mean, what's stopping them from throwing us to the wolves once they've got us?’
    • ‘Officer Friendly was returned to duty, but had been so traumatized by his department throwing him to the wolves that he felt he could no longer effectively function in law enforcement.’