Meaning of throw someone under the bus in English:

throw someone under the bus


  • Cause someone else to suffer in order to save oneself or gain personal advantage.

    • ‘one of my coworkers threw me under the bus to our boss’
    • ‘If you don't live up to what you say you're going to do, like being real, they throw you under the bus.’
    • ‘I don't think we should throw her under the bus as a sacrificial lamb for this.’
    • ‘Let's not try and throw everybody at the Federal level under the bus.’
    • ‘They would definitely throw the president under the bus.’
    • ‘The summary of the results of that survey reported that these captains and majors believed that "senior leaders will throw subordinates under the bus in a heartbeat to protect or advance their career[s]."’
    • ‘"Don't try to throw guys under the bus to better yourself," he said, adding that if teammates were looking for excuses to explain the Super Bowl defeat, "pretty much just keep my name out of your mouth."’
    • ‘As the House debates the measure today, legislators must know that throwing refugees under the bus in the name of national security is not an option.’
    • ‘This will be undermined only if the editor and publisher throw each other under the bus, if either blinks or - more importantly - if the stories produced are of poor quality.’
    • ‘And in the rush to get their guy, they threw a truly good man under the bus, proved their word and integrity are worthless and put a stain on Notre Dame football that may be permanent.’
    • ‘But throwing his offensive linemen under the bus after he was abused by the Steelers can't sit well in Indy.’
    • ‘Wherever he goes, he'll arrive with fanfare - and throw his quarterback under the bus when things get tough.’
    • ‘You don't throw the quarterback under the bus, even if you have every right to.’
    • ‘This has to be the largest example of throwing defense under the bus for offense in quite some time.’
    • ‘They'll throw you under the bus and back it up over you.’
    • ‘Most of my husband's coworkers are very upset but there are plenty as well that are satisfied to throw everyone else under the bus as long as they keep their wages.’
    • ‘Dave is a very loyal guy, he has a lot of character and he isn't one to throw others under the bus, but he also understands it is a bottom-line business.’
    • ‘But if you throw us under the bus, we're going to be your worst damn enemy.’
    • ‘Not to throw anybody else under the bus, but it wasn't my fault that the mike wasn't working.’