Meaning of throwdown in English:


Pronunciation /ˈθrəʊdaʊn/


  • A performance by or competition between DJs, rappers, or similar artistes.

    • ‘a funky hip-hop throwdown’
    • ‘Jump in the lift, hit the top floor, run into my man Word Perfect, and there I am in the midst of a weeknight hiphop MC freestyle throwdown.’
    • ‘He's talking about his new weekly hip-hop throwdown, Monday Night Blackout at the Khyber.’
    • ‘In lofts, basements and other clandestine locations, grandiose throwdowns were holding sway over a new generation of pill-popping rhythmaholics.’
    • ‘Good thing, too - especially for the Illatropolis Crew, who let the honeys slide rent-free at the gate at their monthly Payday throwdowns.’
    • ‘To commemorate such a joyous occasion, these guys are having not one but two throwdowns to properly celebrate next week.’
    • ‘This throwdown happens every Saturday at Studio 303 & Studio 608, but you've gotta call and tell them you're coming.’
    • ‘‘Scrappy,’ said Selma, ‘if you want to go challenge God to a throwdown, you can be my guest.’’
    • ‘Looking ahead, old-school electro specialist and hip hop archivist Freddy Fresh will be stopping in at Living on Saturday, Oct.22, for a little throwdown.’
    • ‘Sunday, Dekoze will return to town for a throwdown at the Palace.’
    • ‘That all said, I feel that we're still owed the big throwdown between the Alpha Quadrant and the Borg.’
    • ‘In essence, the film is performance as acting throwdown, a drawn battle line between the chewing of scenery and the intricacy of craft.’
    • ‘The world's top men's tennis players converge in Montreal for a highly competitive throwdown / showdown.’
    • ‘With all its wailing horns, weed-tinged organs, slammed guitars and throwdown vocals, Ode to Joy is exactly what makes the 21st century such a great time for rock music.’
    • ‘What made that throwdown last night any of your business?’
    • ‘Your Hai Karate hosts, Emes and Grimes, will be joined by turntablists supreme - Klever, J-Smoke, Spiktakular, Kilocee and Pump - for an in-house massive throwdown.’
    • ‘If you're interested in taking part in this uptown throwdown, get in touch with Fred at ill’
    • ‘From Ar Robotics to All City Hip-Hop, DJ Skipmode's had a hand in nearly every one-off old-school throwdown this city's ever offered.’
    • ‘I'll be up in there next Tuesday, November 4, playing records to celebrate LB's birthday, but it'll be the last weekly throwdown for a while.’
    • ‘Too much Ancient School throwdown rap is jocked for obscurity rather than quality.’
    • ‘This ninth annual throwdown features DJ Bliss and others TBA, and sparkling something-or-other at midnight.’