Meaning of thuggery in English:


Pronunciation /ˈθʌɡəri/

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mass noun
  • Violent behaviour, especially of a criminal nature.

    ‘a cowardly act of mindless thuggery’
    • ‘a campaign of fear, intimidation, and thuggery’
    • ‘He has certainly not condoned or excused racist violence or thuggery.’
    • ‘Despite a thriving democracy, the justice system has not always been successful in stopping fascist thuggery.’
    • ‘Unlike conventional crime, computer thuggery frequently reaches across territorial lines, often originating from countries where the act is not illegal.’
    • ‘There's no place in football for the kind of thuggery that went on out there.’
    • ‘Analysts say the president's tactics of power consolidation and political thuggery have been successful in shutting out challengers.’
    • ‘Corporate thuggery is destroying the rainforests.’
    • ‘Vandalism and thuggery are an all-too-frequent blot on the landscape in recent years.’
    • ‘The church is the second to be damaged in what appears to be a campaign of thuggery.’