Meaning of thumbs up in English:

thumbs up

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  • An indication of satisfaction or approval.

    • ‘they hope the audience will give a thumbs up to the TV series’
    • ‘Many watching the march demonstrated their approval by giving a thumbs up or by clapping.’
    • ‘It would be a pity that this event would not be celebrated and the thumbs up sign has already given it the green light.’
    • ‘I made my challenge and he accepted it with his version of a thumbs up.’
    • ‘Isn't it true that all the relevant statutory authorities have given the projects the thumbs up?’
    • ‘The author - Jakob Nielsen - also gives a big thumbs down to subscriptions and advertisements.’
    • ‘Councillors agreed to send the letter at the January meeting of the local authority after giving the proposal a firm thumbs down.’
    • ‘They seemed to approve of my subject because I received some thumbs up signals.’
    • ‘All three chief officers of the services have given it the thumbs up.’
    • ‘It's with great regret that I give a collective thumbs down to a movie starring the normally entertaining Matthew Perry.’
    • ‘Frequent-flier expert Randy Petersen gave a thumbs down to the move.’
    approval, seal of approval, approbation, endorsement, welcome, encouragement
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    With reference to the signal of approval or disapproval used by spectators at a Roman amphitheatre; the sense has been reversed, as the Romans used ‘thumbs down’ to signify that a beaten gladiator had performed well and should be spared, and ‘thumbs up’ to call for his death.