Meaning of thunder thighs in English:

thunder thighs

plural noun

  • A person's large or fat thighs.

    • ‘Hide a jelly belly with a mesh top, and disguise thunder thighs with a cute swim skirt.’
    • ‘You know these people are thinking, finally she's doing something about those thunder thighs; I call them the ‘brow archers.’’
    • ‘I took a small sip of my smoothie and decided not to drink anymore of it, for fear that it might go straight into my thunder thighs.’
    • ‘Despite her thunder thighs (girl needs bootcut jeans), her performance is actually rather enjoyable.’
    • ‘Like true African American southern girls I have thunder thighs, something I also inherited from my mom.’
    • ‘Some of them have thunder thighs which are almost revealed.’
    • ‘As You enter the holiday grazing season, consider getting a jump on your New Year's resolution and say goodbye to ‘old acquaintances’ such as love handles and thunder thighs.’