Meaning of thunderhead in English:


Pronunciation /ˈθʌndəhɛd/


  • A rounded, projecting head of a cumulus cloud, which portends a thunderstorm.

    ‘But Ben recognized the thunderheads, the big cumulus clouds, that were drifting our way.’
    • ‘As air rises in a large cumulonimbus or thunderhead cloud condensation occurs and all three forms of water are present.’
    • ‘We'll follow mountain-lion tracks and watch from remote plateaus as distant puffs of cloud build into towering thunderheads.’
    • ‘The cameras could pick up flashes of lightning among the thunderheads.’
    • ‘If you want to chase tornadoes and the thunderheads that spawn them, you need adventure-tested tech and gear that can weather any tempest’
    • ‘A light rain sprinkled from dark thunderheads above but no one even noticed the mist.’
    • ‘I could see the leading edge of the thunderhead carrying the storm over our heads.’
    • ‘Time and again, the colourless, clear sky will marshal thunderheads, building them into great puffy dark cotton wool, filling the horizon from end to end.’
    • ‘Luminous by lightning far above him were enormous thunderheads, crackling with fury energy and booming with mighty waves of thunder.’
    • ‘Each bolt of lightning exposed a photograph of towering thunderheads - the galleons of the gods, trading broadsides in the terrific light of creation.’
    • ‘The pavement was moist and the thunderhead rolling from the west gave grave countenance to the growing storm.’
    • ‘According to witnesses, the answer came promptly: dark thunderheads appeared on the western horizon and broke the drought that evening.’
    • ‘Before long the thunderhead moved off and the hail melted and now it's bright and sunny.’
    • ‘I am headed towards an embankment of thunderheads.’
    • ‘If it had been animated, the overture would have had huge, black thunderheads piling in to block the sky - indeed, to block out any prospect of hope.’
    • ‘It's hot here, and there are thunderheads off in the distance toward the southwest, but there's only a gentle breeze blowing and the sun is shining down on us.’
    • ‘It is early evening, but the sky is prematurely dark; thunderheads have blocked the last rays of the sun.’
    • ‘While it poured from great, dark thunderheads, long patches of blue sky could still be seen.’
    • ‘It was only two hours past noon and the sky had become pitch dark with heavy thunderheads.’
    • ‘That look inspired the same feelings as a thunderhead on the horizon-fear and anticipation.’