Meaning of ticker in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtɪkə/

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  • 1 informal A watch.

    • ‘The club's annual Christmas Fair will take place in the Castlecourt Hotel on the 2nd December and tickers will be on sale at €10.’
    • ‘The ticker works perfectly well, telling the time in the normal way - except that the second hand runs backwards.’
    1. 1.1A person's heart.
      ‘The build up of waste in his body would have caused heart failure (given he has a dicky ticker anyway).’
      • ‘And the heart people say aspirin is awfully good for the old ticker.’
      • ‘The interesting question now is this: has Mr Howard got the ticker?’
      • ‘He lacked the political ticker to take on the unions, he basked in the Olympic-reflected glory without harnessing its potential long-term benefits, and he presided over never-ending hospital waiting lists.’
      • ‘What's more, my ticker isn't pounding, my pins are unjellified and, to paraphrase a tune the 32-year-old has covered beautifully, he isn't giving me fever.’
      • ‘Yesterday was another day, and although the line-up has looked decidedly weak since David Bowie developed problems with his ticker, there was still plenty for every taste.’
      • ‘When, two years ago, Mortimer gave us Rumpole Rests His Case, with its last story featuring our hero being carted off horizontal with a dodgy ticker, there was much lamenting.’
      • ‘He said, ‘I've got a dodgy ticker - or had previously’.’
      • ‘Somebody lube up the paddles, my ticker needs a jolt.’
      • ‘A few weeks before the vote on November 7, the buzz goes, Cheney will announce his resignation, ostensibly because of signs of new trouble with his ticker.’
      • ‘Fit or not, it's time to wise up and listen to your ticker.’
      • ‘The question is, does he have the ticker to push for it?’
  • 2North American A telegraphic or electronic machine that prints out data on a strip of paper, especially stock market information or news reports.

    ‘The network quickly switched to an all-service format showing phone numbers and Red Cross information over the ticker instead of prices.’
    • ‘Companies could sell subscriptions and place ads inside customized traffic information, weather reports, or sports tickers.’
    • ‘Demonstrators gathered in a drenching rain under the neon news ticker that carried reports of the latest bombings and troop movements.’
    • ‘‘To put it bluntly, news anchors are no longer needed to report stories as long as there are news tickers running across the TV screen’ Lin said.’
    • ‘News tickers have quoted IOC officials questioning whether the Salt Lake Games should go on if the host country is at war.’
    • ‘However, I'm also mindful of how news tickers seem to attract people's attention.’
    • ‘In the upper left corner is Fox's omnipresent American flag, and at the bottom the news ticker, which further distracts from serious concentration or analysis.’
    • ‘Those that utilize a full-time Internet connection, including a weather report and a stock ticker, are more interesting but still not terribly new.’
    • ‘The cybercafé at Stockley Park has a kitchen and lounge with a television, a news ticker, and colorful iMacs for free Web surfing.’
    • ‘The news ticker at the bottom sped across the screen.’
    • ‘The window-cleaner at the broker's office paused to watch the ticker…’
    • ‘A favorite dot-com-era TV commercial of mine depicts several young entrepreneurs eagerly watching a ticker for their first e-commerce transaction.’
    • ‘Overall, flavors in dairy products continue to be a ticker worth watching as an indication of how to give consumers the flavors they desire in new and innovative products.’
    • ‘To add stocks or indexes from the list you are watching, simply click on the ticker and a Set Parameters window will appear with a list of stock symbols that you can easily modify.’
    • ‘So next time you're watching TV or surfing a website with a ticker, you'll understand what all those numbers and symbols scrolling across your screen really mean.’
    • ‘The novelty of playing with clock applets, weather widgets, stock tickers and dancing hula girls soon wears off.’
    • ‘If you look at a stock ticker, you will see something called a ‘bid’ price and an ‘ask’ price. The bid price is the highest price that someone is willing to pay for the stock.’
    • ‘Another channel had on its ticker: ‘Road to and from airport flooded’: Civil Aviation ministry.’
    • ‘From 7 p.m. to 10.30 p.m. every day, customers can unwind with an eye on the ticker.’
    • ‘A ticker symbol is the unique identification that stock exchanges worldwide give each company.’
    1. 2.1
      another term for news ticker