Meaning of ticketless in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtɪkɪtləs/


  • 1Not requiring a paper ticket.

    • ‘all seats are assigned, all travel is ticketless, and all fares are one-way’
    1. 1.1Not holding a valid ticket.
      ‘ticketless passengers should be fined’
      • ‘From the outside - where more than a thousand ticketless Beatle - maniacs loiter hoping for a miracle, or at least a security guard with his back turned - you can almost see Convention Hall vibrating.’
      • ‘So he takes the names of the five other skaters that are Mexican and gives them $250-dollar tickets, while me and my friend - both white - roll away ticketless.’
      • ‘The tour in 1995, in which ticketless groups physically crashed down gates, was the bottom of a spiral that had been winding its way down for some time.’
      • ‘One of the deans commented, ‘Now I know what it feels like to be a ticketless hobo riding the rods.’’
      • ‘Then several hundred passengers had, jointly and severally, as they say in the courts, to convince the ticket collector at Belfast that they couldn't buy a ticket because the conductor was absent / ticketless whichever the case might be.’
      • ‘WHILE FREQUENT checks and surprise raids are being conducted to penalise ticketless travellers in suburban services, thousands of free trippers travel merrily without any hindrance on the railway.’
      • ‘The game, which took place last month, was the first proper match since the Taliban took power in 1996, although it was preceded by off-pitch violence as thousands of ticketless fans tried to get into the stadium.’
      • ‘There is no doubt that the coach had a large number of unauthorized ticketless travellers.’
      • ‘Up to 17,000 ticketless English fans will arrive in Eindhoven today with police chief Johann Beelen saying: ‘Any violence will be met with violence’.’
      • ‘A devastated group of England fans, including some from Manchester, claimed today they had been left ticketless for the rest of the tournament after falling victim to an internet scam.’
      • ‘Their most ardent devotees had arrived three hours before the band took the stage, and outside, the more adventurous ticketless followers attempted to eke out treetop vantage points, to no avail.’
      • ‘With flags draped from windows of nearby houses and ticketless fans in a panic-stricken search for spare briefs, the mood was similar to cup-final day, all tension and expectation.’
      • ‘She also lamented the extra Rs.3 per spectacle, charged for ticketless children.’
      • ‘About 10,000 England fans travelled to the World Cup warm-up match in Amsterdam, including about 2,000 ticketless supporters.’
      • ‘For example, an experienced ticket checker would have unconsciously learnt to look for telltale signs to correctly identify a ticketless traveller.’
      • ‘Tram operators are issuing inspectors with new hand-held high-tech computers which can check the name and address of a ticketless passenger in three seconds.’
      • ‘This is the oldest trick in the book, the ruse to use when all else fails, the last resort of the poor, the desperate, the ticketless and, of course, the professional chancer.’
      • ‘It is estimated that 3,000 tickets were sold, leaving many supporters, ticketless, despondent and very angry.’
      • ‘He ended up ticketless and is now sporting a Mohican haircut.’
      • ‘Meanwhile, dedicated Mayo supporters are arriving from abroad and they appear to be mainly ticketless but hopeful.’