Meaning of tickover in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtɪkˌəʊvə/


mass noun
  • The lowest number of revolutions per minute that an engine will run at without stalling.

    ‘The JTD engine does produce a little diesel rattle on tickover but it stirs into life once you move off, creating a very satisfying note in tune with its sporty looks.’
    • ‘There is a gentle tick at tickover, justifying the term's name, but on the move there is very little of the usual diesel gruffness.’
    • ‘I had to burn off the height to get down to the landing and I cut the engine back to tickover and pulled on some slipping turns.’
    • ‘At tickover the engine is refined and there is no sign of vibration inside the cabin through pedals or steering wheel.’
    • ‘Idling in neutral this engine sounds like every other diesel but anything above tickover and it purrs like a performance machine.’
    • ‘The test car was powered by a diesel engine, though you would only know that at tickover.’
    • ‘It was with mounting excitement that I set off, the electric motor on tickover.’
    • ‘The symptoms are likely to be a little rattling on tickover.’
    • ‘It was really getting a lot darker now so I cut back to tickover and began to lose height to come in to land.’