Meaning of tideland in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtʌɪdland/

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mass nounNorth American also tidelands
  • Land that is submerged at high tide.

    ‘The prefectural government will establish a committee to hear suggestions on how to resolve the environmental problems in the bay area, tidelands and wetlands, she said.’
    • ‘On the west coast of Mexico near the town of San Blas is a limestone spring called La Tobara, part of an inviting system of lagoons, canals, and navigable tidelands.’
    • ‘At least eight lodges have received the go-ahead to be built in tidelands.’
    • ‘Because all of the docks cross public tidelands, you're welcome to wander around these floating neighborhoods, checking out the sometimes eccentric designs - look for the floating Taj Mahal.’
    • ‘The compromise has to minimize the damage to the environment and maximize the contribution to the development of the provincial economy in the use of the reclaimed tideland.’
    • ‘The afternoon sunset had tinted the white clouds and blue sky into subtle, mellow shades and the fresh, wet winds brushed our faces as we were transported to the tideland in an ox cart.’