Meaning of tidewaiter in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtʌɪdweɪtə/


  • A customs officer who boarded ships on their arrival to enforce the customs regulations.

    ‘In less than twenty minutes he was on his way up town, and with him were four tidewaiters and Sergeant Sparrow.’
    • ‘Pickering studied the local dialect and the written language while working as a tidewaiter.’
    • ‘Archibald signed his warrant as a tidewaiter on 3 September 1794, his salary was 5 pounds a quarter paid at the end of the period to ensure his faithfulness to his employer.’
    • ‘Francis was promoted to a first class tidewaiter and then in 1858, aged 52, he was appointed gatekeeper of the Victoria Docks in Canning Town, West Ham.’
    • ‘Absurd were the number and variety of offices embraced by the Test Ac:; non-commissioned officers as well as officers - excisemen, tidewaiters, and even pedlars.’