Meaning of tie rod in English:

tie rod

Pronunciation /ˈtʌɪ rɒd/


  • A rod acting as a tie in a building or other structure, or in the steering gear of a motor vehicle.

    ‘Rules dictate that a safety washer be installed under the rod end of the tie rod that attaches to the strut.’
    • ‘Near the panel's top, a steel tie rod was attached at one end to the back of the panel.’
    • ‘As the principal concrete frame has expansion joints at these two points, the glass and stainless-steel insertion is connected back in each corner of the atrium by individual sets of angled props and tie rods.’
    • ‘He joined the beams in pairs at the top and in fours at the bottom, avoiding any sort of triangulation, but introducing flexion in these beams through tie rods linking the upper nodules to an intermediary point on these variable inert beams.’
    • ‘They are the most versatile of the three groups of carbon steels and are most commonly used for crankshafts, couplings, tie rods and many other machinery parts.’
    • ‘The quick access slide mechanism provides instant access to the die area and the ability to release die jams, eliminating the need for hydraulic tie rods.’
    • ‘Much harm to the stonework had been done by the use of iron clasps, cramps, dowels, and tie rods, which, instead of strengthening the masonry, really weakened it by the corrosive action of the metal.’