Meaning of tiger mom in English:

tiger mom


North American
  • A strict or demanding mother who pushes her child or children to high levels of achievement, especially by using methods regarded as typical of child-rearing in China and other parts of East Asia; a tiger mother.

    ‘a super-competitive tiger mom’
    • ‘When my children were born, I knew that I did not want to be a tiger mom.’
    • ‘Headlines were suddenly calling out tiger moms as unloving drill sergeants.’
    • ‘I was never a tiger mom, and now I was paying the ultimate price: being mauled by my own surly cub.’
    • ‘"I suppose I'm being a bit of a tiger mom," she said. "My kids are getting all A's, and I'd really like to see them get all A-pluses." ’
    • ‘At a new bar in Monterey Park, bingeing on Japanese craft brews and fried lotus root, I joke about tiger moms and tai chi with other Asian Americans.’
    • ‘They are tiger moms; they are fighting for their children's education.’
    • ‘ I'm a Tiger mom at heart , but a halfway hippie mom in practice. ’
    • ‘Tiger moms, so the legend goes, raise successful children because of rigorous discipline and unflinchingly high standards.’
    • ‘The children of helicopter parents and tiger moms need to relax and let go.’
    • ‘ She was their tiger mom who motivated them to succeed as performers and students.’


1980s (in the general sense of ‘a strict or demanding mother’): from tiger + mom; see tiger mother.