Meaning of tiger nut in English:

tiger nut


  • The small dried edible tuber of a kind of sedge.

    The sedge is Cyperus esculentus, family Cyperaceae

    ‘Their resemblance to nuts accounts for many of their common names including nut grass, tiger nut, earth almond, and earth nut.’
    • ‘It was poached kumquats with star anise and Thai peppercorns, not tiger nuts with Thai peppercorns.’
    • ‘For example if hemp, tiger nuts and corn are introduced the smaller species will be attracted by the hemp but these in turn will attract the larger species such as tench and carp that will find the corn and tiger nuts waiting for them.’
    • ‘On the liquid front, the delicacy of choice for most Valencia residents is horchata, a milky drink made from tiger nuts and served very, very cold.’