Meaning of tight-arsed in English:



  • 1Mean with money; miserly.

    • ‘I come from a family of tight-arsed bargain hunters’
    • ‘firms can be liberal in spending money on equipment but tight-assed regarding people’
    • ‘The folks were too tight-arsed to turn on the air conditioning, so the steam from the iron made me wilt.’
    • ‘He's a tight-arsed little miser.’
    • ‘Too many people here are too tight-arsed to spend money on their car.’
    • ‘Some people are so tight-arsed - do they expect everything for nowt?’
    • ‘If, like me, you're sick of the hordes of tight-assed cruise visitors who for eight months of the year clog our buses, crash their mopeds and spend no money whatsoever in our stores, you may want to sit down.’
  • 2Inhibited, repressed, or excessively conventional.

    • ‘call us a tight-arsed nation, but the confessional culture doesn't seem to do too well here’
    • ‘a tight-assed good guy who believes himself so superior that he does not want to behave badly’
    • ‘This is really about a bunch of tight-assed busybodies sticking their noses where they don't belong because they want to control everybody's lives.’
    • ‘When the British working-class built up Australia they chucked away a lot of the tight-arsed inhibitions that make Britain the country it is.’
    • ‘Those of us who live in the wonderful world of the twenty-first century are inclined to forget, even if we were alive then, just how prudish and tight-arsed the English were in the 1950s.’
    • ‘If a group of bigots decides to foist its tight-assed views on the rest of the community as to what is deemed acceptable in movies, the theatre, or in print, they should be told to shove it, in no uncertain terms.’
    • ‘There's a lot of real pain and hardship in this story, but whenever the tale gets too heavy, Townsend busts out one of Adrian's characteristic, tight-assed priggish observations about the world around him and just floors me.’
    • ‘Aside from me, my sister and the staff, the only people in the gallery were an astoundingly tight arsed looking middle aged couple who strode round the gallery with a look of grim obligation.’