Meaning of tiki tour in English:

tiki tour

Pronunciation /ˈtiːkɪ tʊə/


New Zealand
  • An extensive tour of a place, typically for the purpose of inspecting it.

    ‘he took me on a tiki tour of the school, pointing out problems’
    • ‘There's a story that someone actually did take his pie cart on a tiki tour.’
    • ‘Drove north and had lunch at the lakes, after which he gave us a mini tiki tour of 'kumara country', where we bought some kumara.’
    • ‘The young men were well looked after by George, who took them on tiki tours and even arranged a visit to a Waihi gold mine.’
    • ‘It was a beautiful day, and it was like a free tiki tour of a couple of the surrounding villages.’
    • ‘The mayor said the city, along with other centres, could look at encouraging "a bit of a tiki tour with all or part of the All Blacks".’
    • ‘The Pakeha doctor took a tiki tour around the wop wops.’
    • ‘He charged us what we later found out was a ridiculous amount for the privilege of the tiki tour.’
    • ‘Off they go on a rapid tiki tour of Auckland, heading to some farmland for animal wrangling.’
    • ‘With today's tiki tour safely over and done with, the heavy lifting starts in earnest for the team tomorrow with a morning gym session.’
    • ‘I was hoping those trapped on this tiki tour would have to resort to eating each other—nothing better than seeing a bunch of pious lentil-eaters having to chew on each other.’


1980s from tiki + tour.