Meaning of tilefish in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtaɪlfɪʃ/

nounplural noun tilefish, plural noun tilefishes

  • A long, slender bottom-dwelling fish of warm seas.

    Several species in the family Malacanthidae (or Branchiostegidae), in particular the large and edible Lopholatilus chamaeleonticeps of the Atlantic coast of North America

    ‘This happened only a few years after the tilefish had been ‘discovered’, and had won almost instant approval as a table fish, in the 1870s.’
    • ‘News is like the tilefish which appears in great schools off the Atlantic Coast some years and then vanishes, no one knows whither or for how long.’
    • ‘The results also showed that species that were not targeted in the 70s, such as parrotfish, whitefish, spotted snapper, tilefish and creolefish, have now become common catches.’