Meaning of timber-frame in English:



  • Denoting a house or other structure having a wooden frame.

    ‘a timber-framed manor house’
    • ‘Century Homes, one of Ireland's leading suppliers of timber-frame houses, now provides an American ranch house option for buyers.’
    • ‘This is due in part to people's desire to adapt houses to the intemperate climate and to Scotland's historic links with Scandinavia - home of the timber-frame house favoured by self-builders.’
    • ‘Working in the timber industry during the past eight years had brought me closer to the concept of timber-frame housing.’
    • ‘More than 100 jobs will be created in Macroom, Co Cork, with the construction of a manufacturing facility by timber-frame housing group Cygnum.’
    • ‘If you see a timber-frame home without the expensive cladding exterior, it's sort of a blue plastic-wrapped timber frame that holds the house inside.’
    • ‘ELK will employ 250 people at its factory that will produce timber-frame homes.’
    • ‘So for nine months the couple lived on site in their caravan while the first of the timber-frame houses was built.’
    • ‘Their timber-frame house is raised off the ground on stilts set into a concrete base.’
    • ‘Inside the shop is the two-storey timber-frame house that is completely transformed and is where customers will shop for all they could possibly want for Halloween.’
    • ‘This will mean there will be more timber-frame houses.’
    • ‘MacDonald attributes the increasing popularity of timber-frame housing in Ireland to the fact that 60 per cent of the house can be pre-fabricated.’
    • ‘There are timber-frame houses that are still crafted in the timeless way by woodworking traditionalists using hand tools and methods that have changed little over the centuries.’
    • ‘It's not unusual to see timber-frame houses with vast open areas stretching from one exterior wall to another and reaching upward two or three stories to a vaulted roof.’
    • ‘The couple decided on a timber-frame construction with natural slate roof because of Ryan's background in carpentry and because they felt that it was more sustainable.’
    • ‘Most other timber-frame systems here use traditional masonry on top of the structural frame of the building.’
    • ‘You will probably be deciding between a brick and block or timber-frame construction.’
    • ‘The expanse of glass is a fresh, cool counterpoint to the warm timber-frame interior and tightly connects indoors and outdoors.’
    • ‘The timber-frame cabin that they were building had been treated with one of the most popular wood preservatives in the United States, and had infected the couple.’
    • ‘His own home, a timber-frame family house that looks rooted in its site, is a glowing testimonial to his methods.’
    • ‘It is the biggest timber-frame building company in Europe.’


mass noun
  • Pre-prepared sections of wood used for building a house.

    ‘the use of timber-frame in house-building quadrupled in the 1970s’
    • ‘The lower floor, which contains all the main living areas, is load-bearing block clad with Tyrone brick, while upstairs is timber-frame.’
    • ‘This leaves us with timber-frame, Bell's preferred method.’