Meaning of time-hallowed in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtʌɪmˌhaləʊd/


  • Respected or valued through having existed for a long time.

    ‘time-hallowed traditions’
    • ‘time-hallowed texts’
    • ‘It has its ancient mysteries and legends, its time-hallowed conspiracies and secrets both great and petty.’
    • ‘Both of the Evening Canticles are in his own idiomatic style, and hark back, in different ways, to ancient, time-hallowed chant.’
    • ‘The first assumption to be examined in this context is that single-party government is a time-hallowed British tradition.’
    • ‘She spoke in the time-hallowed manner of engineers everywhere as they recited their professional opinions.’
    • ‘His approach to myths opposes the archaic view that there is a time-hallowed truth waiting to be unveiled, instead treating the stories as volatile and dynamic.’
    • ‘We live in a world where time-hallowed assumptions are changing.’
    • ‘There is an easy mechanism, also time-hallowed, for winnowing out what may be right from what is clearly wrong: it's called reading.’
    • ‘The impulse to turn to time-hallowed texts, like the classics or the Bible, is itself time-hallowed.’
    well established, long-established, established, fixed