Meaning of time-saving in English:



  • Reducing the amount of time needed to do something.

    ‘he had no idea this time-saving idea would turn into a profitable business’
    • ‘time-saving devices’
    • ‘If you pay attention during class and are the type of person who doesn't need to study a whole lot, this method is both advantageous and timesaving.’
    • ‘It's a useful, time-saving device that will attract many fans here - though it does come at a cost.’
    • ‘Economic maximizing and consumerism have induced workers not only to opt for overtime but to choose time-saving devices to aid in their leisure.’
    • ‘The concept of a centralized database containing a patient's entire medical history is the kind of timesaving and potentially life-saving innovation doctors yearn for, but the idea makes privacy watchdogs squirm.’
    • ‘Jean jackets are also extremely practical and light, making it easy to hang on the back of a school chair - a timesaving alternative to going to your locker before every class.’
    • ‘What is your favorite timesaving or time-making tip?’
    • ‘When operated properly, however, flamers are easy-to-use, safe, and timesaving gardening tools.’
    • ‘The aircraft was therefore self-sufficient and did not need to rely on truck-mounted stairs - a timesaving circumstance of particular importance when small or relatively undeveloped airfields were being served.’
    • ‘The commanders of the blockading squadrons now had at their disposal a thorough, ready-made, and timesaving analysis of their areas of operations along with all applicable charts.’
    • ‘This invaluable holiday resource offers helpful timesaving tips, loads of seasonal recipes, and great make-it-yourself projects.’
    • ‘It may have taken four decades but eventually an occasion finally has arisen when this so-called time-saving gadget really would save time, if only the right spare parts could be found.’
    • ‘We have developed a unique timesaving system that allows for fast and structured reporting.’
    • ‘You'll also find traditional foods, folk arts, and the timesaving gadgets for which the Japanese are famous.’
    • ‘The rapid pace of modern life has created enormous demand for convenient and time-saving goods and services.’
    • ‘Plan your meals around the use of these and other time-saving appliances.’
    • ‘A few easy-to-use time-saving ideas can make all the difference and help you get more out of every day.’
    • ‘Try some of our time-saving shortcuts this year so you can have more time to enjoy your lawn, garden and landscape.’
    • ‘As I found in my project, you'll likely end up using a combination of these time-saving techniques.’
    • ‘My dad figured out the perfect low-work, time-saving way to deal with mowing the grass: He made me do it.’
    • ‘We work harder and longer than ever before without rest, despite all our time-saving home devices and services.’