Meaning of time-served in English:



  • Having completed a period of apprenticeship or training.

    ‘all the carpet-fitters are time-served experts’
    • ‘Youngsters are made aware of their lower-rung positioning, and are expected to revere the time-served expertise of seasoned professionals.’
    • ‘Formed in 1998, the nine women wanted to prove themselves as competent as any time-served welder in fabrication skills.’
    • ‘The experienced time-served drivers have the best shifts and don't want to work weekends, and it is the new entrants who face the long hours and back shifts.’
    • ‘Not true; by the time you reach your 40s you are a time-served apprentice in your understanding of the body's hydraulics.’
    • ‘Knowles, as a time-served jazz enthusiast, has his own problems with orchestral music.’
    • ‘In addition to being time-served tradesmen, they will also need experience of high quality finishes.’
    • ‘Paul, a time-served joiner, ran a pub in Hull before moving to York a few years ago to set up the café.’
    • ‘For Brown, a time-served welder before his football career caught flame, had the inner fire to mould Rangers' championship-winning sides together.’
    • ‘His language veers between a time-served nationalist and a graduate of the Harvard Business School, an odd hybrid of Celtic comfort and business assurance.’
    • ‘This is a good political answer to an often awkward question, and he is a time-served politician once again on the warpath.’
    • ‘Fine if it were time-served and incorruptible Scottish law lords, but would a UN-sponsored court be as independent and free from bias?’
    • ‘The group heading to Kenya is a varied bunch, including someone who is a time-served cabinet maker and others who are good at painting or have other skills.’
    • ‘A time-served welder, Millen only turned full-time in football at the age of 26.’
    • ‘I decided to employ a time-served pork butcher and we started to make them ourselves.’
    • ‘Paul is time-served in the demanding trade, but reckons he's as fit as he ever was.’
    • ‘That inexperience is put down to the death of the time-served artisans who created the body of the church but did not survive to give us the steeple.’
    • ‘Instead, Merkel was fast-tracked into the party leadership, overtaking her time-served west German party colleagues, until finally she was named as the CDU candidate for chancellor.’
    knowledgeable, skilful, skilled, expert, accomplished, adept, adroit, master, consummate, professional