Meaning of time-shift in English:



  • 1no object Move from one period in time to another.

    ‘Return trips to the world we used to know as ours are now tinted green, constantly time-shifting, and filled with computer-generated superheroes.’
    • ‘He remembered the sickened feeling he got in the pit of his stomach the last time he time-shifted.’
  • 2with object Record (a television programme) for later viewing.

    as adjective ‘time-shifted programmes’
    • ‘The ability to time-shift television programmes has really revolutionised my viewing habits.’
    • ‘In response to high production costs and the realities of the digital age, television has begun time-shifting its own content.’
    • ‘An increasing number of Irish have time-shifted their viewing habits by first using their VCRs and now their PVRs.’
    • ‘Fortunately, I had the miracle of TiVo at my disposal, enabling me to time-shift my viewing seamlessly.’
    • ‘By contrast, in VCR households, only 1 per cent of viewing is time-shifted because it takes so much effort.’
    • ‘If you own an early model digital player/recorder, you will be able to record and playback time-shifted digital recordings of flagged broadcasts.’
    • ‘They do a lot of things, but one of their functions is to time-shift TV programs, much as you've been able to do for almost 30 years with a VCR.’
    • ‘The console enables subscribers to watch or record two programs simultaneously, or view one while time-shifting another.’
    • ‘This particular chip is aimed at the broadcast market, and can time-shift multiple video streams from multiple tuners.’
    • ‘The software offers several functions for enhancing the recording like noise reduction and smoothing, as well as timed and time-shifted recordings.’
    • ‘This expertise allows the video bits to be slightly time-shifted without this change being perceptible to the human eye.’
    • ‘At the end of the day, it struck me that time-shifted content and space-folding telepresence are becoming complementary.’
    • ‘We found that time-shifting the content slightly resolved this problem.’
    • ‘If you embed a TV tuner, you add PVR functionality, allowing you to time-shift your TV viewing.’
    • ‘It's morphing into an entertainment device, to do everything from burn DVDs to time-shift live TV.’
    • ‘The only thing lacking is time-shifted playback.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, they bought and installed the equipment in their studios, merely as a means of time-shifting programmes or items without recourse to using discs.’
    • ‘With either application you can easily record and time-shift broadcasts - and for HD broadcasts, that capability is very rare, even for over-the-air broadcasts.’
    • ‘Smart brands will give customers information and services that are easily syndicated, time-shifted, remixed, reused and repurposed.’
    • ‘Basically, I made my wife try and use it to watch TV, time-shift, and view a DVD.’


time shift
  • A movement from one period in time to another, especially in a play or film.

    ‘the technical problems involved in the time shift’
    • ‘In a piece of theatrical brio, she imposes a time shift, a second storyline involving the Victorian family who once occupied Elizabeth's house - and a ghost.’
    • ‘The past perfect tense effects the time shift.’
    • ‘He intelligently dispensed with the double narrative and the time shift between Esther's sections and those told by the third-person narrator.’
    • ‘He'd known that he'd have to keep the thief here, but he hadn't expected to actually feel the effects of the time shift.’
    • ‘He's not able to establish the time shifts coherently and not enough attention is paid to the other two sisters.’
    • ‘The author's awkwardness (which is not to be equated with lack of talent) registers more seriously in her unwillingness to clarify time shifts.’
    • ‘It's essential to keep the time shifts, because this is a woman coming to grips with her mortality.’
    • ‘The theme of emotional amputation, revealed in darting flashbacks and abrupt time shifts, is charted through recurrent images of plants and trees.’
    • ‘It's all slickly good-looking with lots of time shifts and complications with the protagonists' exes.’
    • ‘I'm sure we all enjoyed learning about dimensional time shifts.’
    • ‘Tyler uses dramatic time shifts with each new chapter; the book begins in 1941 and ends in 2001, just after the United States has suffered another surprise attack.’
    • ‘The play is demanding, with constant time shifts and merging of dream and reality, as well as an emotional intensity which shocked many contemporary viewers and critics.’
    • ‘Franklin embraces time shifts and a multiplicity of character voices with an almost scary degree of ease.’
    • ‘As with many of her previous novels, the story is told from conflicting points of view; there are time shifts.’
    • ‘In the movies, with their narrators and time-shifts, we accept much more agile storytelling.’