Meaning of time point in English:

time point

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  • A precise moment in time.

    ‘we compared the groups at each time point’
    • ‘The relative frequency of each functional class is calculated independently for each timepoint.’
    • ‘The sample sizes in each timepoint are relatively small.’
    • ‘Several biopsy samples from a single timepoint and a single subject were examined.’
    • ‘The test group was statistically superior to the control group for absence of pain at all time-points evaluated through Day 30.’
    • ‘The difference between the groups was not statistically significant at any time-point.’
    • ‘Two to three branches were sampled per tree, and 16–25 different trees were sampled at each time-point.’
    • ‘The questionnaire was administered at two time-points.’
    • ‘Similar patterns were found at both time-points.’
    • ‘Blood pressures did not differ significantly between the groups at any time point.’
    • ‘Five measurements were performed at each time point, and the mean value was calculated.’