Meaning of time suck in English:

time suck


informal US
  • An inefficient or unproductive activity, process, etc.; a waste of time.

    • ‘the internet can be a colossal time suck’
    • ‘Since I rarely watch TV to watch TV, I don't see it as a time suck.’
    • ‘All the spam we get, it's a huge time suck.’
    • ‘It mounts up into a major time suck—my "let's tidy up my categories" idea turned into a job that took hours.’
    • ‘A large followee/following list can be a time suck.’
    • ‘Even blogging can turn into a time suck—managing time is very important.’
    • ‘Three-quarters believe that the social network is a gigantic time suck.’
    • ‘A gym can also be a complete time suck.’
    • ‘Whether writing content yourself or hiring writers, the process of idea generation, writing, editing, blogger outreach, social sharing (and on and on) is a massive time suck.’
    • ‘Between our busy lives and the time suck of social media, we've exchanged conversation for poorly worded emails and thumb-upping someone else's viral image.’
    • ‘The sheer availability of time-suck games, thanks to tablets and smartphones, makes them especially damaging.’