Meaning of times in English:


Pronunciation /tʌɪmz/

verbverb timeses, verb timesing, verb timesed

[with object] informal
  • Multiply (a number)

    • ‘you times the six by four to get twenty-four’
    • ‘It was like the worst thunder storm in the world timesed by fifty!’
    • ‘Perhaps those candidates who couldn't do timesing and taking away were part of the 1% who failed.’
    • ‘Then I took the 36 grams of carbohydrates and timesed that by the number of carbohydrates and I got 144.’
    • ‘That number was then timesed by 3 and the minus sign was added again.’
    • ‘Something that looks cheap when buying one is still a huge amount timesed by 100!’
    • ‘Now I knew how long Brenda would take to get an eighth of the way around, so I timesed 3 by 8.’


Late 19th century (in a sense relating to the number of times that a specific dimension is to be repeated in quantitive surveying): use as a verb of times expressing multiplication (dating from late Middle English): see time (sense 5 of the noun).