Meaning of Timorese in English:


Pronunciation /ˌtiːmɔːˈriːz/


  • Relating to or characteristic of Timor or its people.

    ‘the film provides viewers with a taste of Timorese culture’
    • ‘The council continues to play an important role in Timorese politics.’
    • ‘Many Timorese advocates of independence did not give up, however.’
    • ‘She now runs a foundation which raises funds for improving maternal and child health for the Timorese people.’
    • ‘The crocodile features in the Timorese creation myth, in which a child saved a baby crocodile that then allowed the child to ride it.’
    • ‘With her family,she set up a cultural group to give performances of Timorese dance and theatre.’

nounplural noun Timorese

  • A native or inhabitant of Timor, or a person of Timorese descent.

    ‘the Timorese lined the streets and cheered us in’
    • ‘From where we ate we could hear a group of young Timorese singing a heartfelt song to the strumming of a guitar.’
    • ‘A whole generation of Timorese grew up without learning Portuguese.’
    • ‘An estimated 40,000 Timorese were killed by occupation forces.’
    • ‘Many Timorese believe that a fair boundary is necessary for the country to achieve full independence.’
    • ‘Tetum is the national language and the local language spoken by the largest number of Timorese.’