Meaning of timorousness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtɪm(ə)rəsnəs/


See timorous

‘This startling performance was followed by the even greater upheaval of 1838 when he gave an address to the Harvard Divinity School that was a religious counterpart to his trashing of scholarly timorousness and convention.’
  • ‘I note that she herself falls short of recommending specific books or topics, and thus can be accused of the same timorousness that she ascribes to the text writers.’
  • ‘Chaos was beginning to overtake the townships, as children, outraged by the timorousness of their parents, seized the initiative themselves.’
  • ‘But Hobbes did take both scepticism and philosophy seriously, and there was a kind of courage in his doing so which far outweighed his famous personal timorousness.’
  • ‘His other dominant characteristic was a certain timorousness.’