Meaning of tin-kettling in English:



Australian, New Zealand
  • A noisy celebration of the homecoming of a newly married couple, involving the banging of pots, pans, and other metal objects.

    ‘it was deemed an honour to be given a tin-kettling’
    • ‘Their tin-kettling promised to be one of the best ever held in the district because Herbie was rich and could afford plenty of bottles and kegs to celebrate with.’
    • ‘They were welcomed back to Gundagai by a wild 'tin-kettling'.’
    • ‘Sometimes there would be a wild tin kettling to celebrate a local wedding.’
    • ‘The date of the tin-kettling was usually an open secret and the female friends and relatives of the bride provided food while the husband supplied liquor.’
    • ‘Sorry, old man. I'll try and clear 'em out as soon as I can, but they reckoned it wouldn't be a wedding without a tin-kettling.’
    • ‘People were soon in every room in the house doing what was done at tin kettlings.’
    • ‘Many of these folk provided the music for local barn dances, tin kettlings and community events.’
    • ‘This dastardly character had the cheek to hold tin kettlings outside of homes of newly-weds on the Lord's Day, and was fined five pounds.’