Meaning of tin hat in English:

tin hat

Pronunciation /ˌtɪn ˈhat/

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informal British
  • A soldier's steel helmet.

    • ‘And there, on the front line, presiding over events in a tin hat and flak jacket, is the war correspondent.’
    • ‘One of the first questions he concerned himself with on arrival in France was whether a tin hat, when not being worn, should be carried on the left or right shoulder.’
    • ‘Later on I borrowed a tin hat and went out among the fires.’
    • ‘One woman told of how her older sister did her rounds of the wards wearing a tin hat and with a small low light torch to pick her way in the blackout.’
    • ‘Soldiers in tin hats and children clutching their gas masks were among the thousands who flocked to Haworth for the village's tenth 1940s festival.’