Meaning of tine in English:


Pronunciation /tʌɪn/

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  • A prong or sharp point, such as that on a fork or antler.

    ‘Sharp tines or prongs, operated by a foot pedal or hand crank, grip the weed and yank it out of the ground with a pulling or twisting motion.’
    • ‘Often traveling sets were made so that the knife blade, spoon bowl, and fork tines screwed into their handles.’
    • ‘Crimp edges of dough together with fork tines and cut several slits in strudel with a small sharp knife.’
    • ‘Place prepared filling on dough, fold into the shape of a ‘D', pinch shut openings with the tines of a fork.’
    • ‘Using a small fork, press down onto the balls to leave the indent of the fork tines.’
    • ‘Mary's fingers in the Prado Annunciation are all the same shape and all like the tines of a fork.’
    • ‘The antler tines may have been used as pressure flakers on stone projectile points and knives, although there was no evidence of microdebitage imbedded in the damaged tips.’
    • ‘Like a diner spearing a morsel of food with the tine of a fork, researchers have used the tip of a microscopic needle to lift a single atom from a surface and then replace it.’
    • ‘And as I love making food gifts, this sounded like a neat tool to make chocolate-dipped citrus peel, candied fruit, cookies, almond paste, or anything that will stand on those fork tines.’
    • ‘The left panel pictures not much more than the soiled tableware of an abandoned meal set out on a damask cloth with wine and water glasses, stains and crumbs, a coffee cup, an empty plate and a fork with the tines turned down.’
    • ‘It was annoying for no particular reason, but instead of going psycho, I took an anti-bacterial napkin out of my backpack and began wiping the tines of the fork clean while he got settled.’
    • ‘She tests a fork's tines against her fingertips.’
    • ‘Touch the tines of a tuning fork and it goes silent.’
    • ‘There were no serious cooking techniques being demonstrated here, although I did learn how to purée garlic cloves with the tines of a fork.’
    • ‘And the tool carriers feature level lift from ground to full boom height, with no need to adjust the angle of the fork tines while lifting.’
    • ‘Seal the edges by pressing down with the tines of a fork.’
    • ‘Use the tines of a fork to make little holes in each marked-out biscuit: I press down about three times, diagonally, on each finger.’
    • ‘Simply insert the tines of the fork into the center of the meat and the temperature is instantly displayed.’
    • ‘Keep your dressing in a cup off to the side and dip the tines of your clean fork into it - and then into your salad.’
    • ‘Roll each piece on the tines of a fork to create the lines along the gnocchi.’
    prong, barb, point, skewer, stake, spit, projection


Old English tind, of Germanic origin; related to German Zinne ‘pinnacle’.