Meaning of tinfoil hat in English:

tinfoil hat


  • Used in allusion to the belief that wearing a hat made from tinfoil will protect one against government surveillance or mind control by extraterrestrial beings.

    ‘you don't need to be wearing a tinfoil hat to understand that your privacy might not be as private as you would think’
    • ‘Standard precautions apply - vigilance about unsolicited messages, updating AV protection, use of stronger passwords, tin-foil hats hats etc.’
    • ‘Wearing a tinfoil hat to deflect government mind-control radio waves is even more foolish than most people think.’
    • ‘This report will start the propellers spinning on every tinfoil hat in America.’
    • ‘This is not hysterical nonsense nor is it tin-foil hat conspiracy mongering.’
    • ‘This isn't tinfoil hat stuff - you only have to read the papers to see it all happening.’
    • ‘But I'm sure there's a good explanation that doesn't involve tinfoil hats.’
    • ‘You've heard of war driving and phishing but now there's yet another reason to wear a tin-foil hat every time you surf the net.’
    • ‘They would not care if they were thought of as tin-foil hat weirdos because all that matters is getting the word repeated and talked about.’
    • ‘More reasons why people should wear appropriate protection (tin foil hats) when surfin the interweb emerged this week.’
    • ‘I hate to put on my tinfoil hat here, but the Air Force controls nuclear weapons.’
    • ‘I'll take my tinfoil hat off and go back to talking about less politically-charged matters.’
    • ‘I know this is tinfoil hat territory, but hear me out.’
    • ‘Some writers are members of the tin-foil hat brigade, but others provide sober analysis of the election results that raise disturbing questions.’
    • ‘The tinfoil hat theory, of course, would be that somehow an electronic recording device was smuggled in, so they have a transcript.’
    • ‘This delusional thinking wasted huge amounts of time because one of the nation's top foreign policy intellectuals turns out to be in thrall of a tin foil hat conspiracy theory.’
    • ‘It's a little too conspiracy minded for my tastes, but this guy is no member of the tin foil hat brigade, but a former member of Blair's government.’
    • ‘This "theory" is so cockamamie that it belongs with the tin foil hat brigade.’
    • ‘Not to put my tinfoil hat or, or anything, but does anyone know if the prohibition against domestic covert operations applies only to the CIA, and not to the Pentagon?’
    • ‘The tinfoil hat brigade always maintained that "it was all about oil."’