Meaning of tinily in English:



See tiny

‘His summers here were spent in continual battle with loosening shingles, hidden leaks, rotting wood, and creeping damp; as the house struggled purposefully to return to the earth, he struggled tinily to prevent it.’
  • ‘Even then, Athena just smiled tinily at him, then went back to her business.’
  • ‘While making strange contrasts, everything is entangled tinily, and grandiosly, like in the childhood memories when reality seems to be glittering full if vivid colours.’
  • ‘There is absolutely no doubting his exceptional ability in collating and correlating vast amounts of data and information (the bibliography runs to 30 tinily typeset pages).’
  • ‘I contend that most great concepts can be explained in a single well-written page (or like the old crib sheets we were allowed to bring into college finals - tinily written).’