Meaning of tinniness in English:



See tinny

‘The soundtrack suffers a bit from tinniness and scratching in certain parts, and the 2.0 Dolby surround is not very lively, but it is robust and even the smallest grunts and sighs come through clearly.’
  • ‘Audio quality varies greatly; at its worst, there's buzz, flatness, and tinniness; at other moments it is respectably clear and shows adequate fidelity.’
  • ‘While one can gauge a tiny bit of tinniness in the scoring, the dialogue is always understandable (with an assist from the subtitles) and easy to hear.’
  • ‘On the sound side, the Dolby Digital Stereo mix is decidedly high ended, but there is no shrillness, tinniness, or distortion to be found.’
  • ‘Hiss is minimal and the songs have a degree of warmth to them, avoiding the tinniness that sometimes characterizes film music of the time.’